Standards make your life safer and simpler 

Standards are all around you even if you are not always aware of them.

Did you know that millions of businesses and organizations are applying and using European standards every day? The more you know about standards, the more you will be able benefit from them.
Standards make our lives safer, simpler, more comfortable and more efficient. But standards only work when they are properly used. Do you want to make sure that your child’s toys are safe? Then watch out for the EN 71 series of standards on toy safety. Do you care about the environment? That’s where the standard EN ISO 14001 for environmental management systems comes in.

Standards bring us benefits at home, at work, during leisure time, both at home and abroad. They ensure the products we use are safe and reliable, and that different appliances and pieces of equipment can connect and work together for a better experience. The home you live in is made safe through construction standards, and your personal data is protected by IT security standards.

Often we can only appreciate the importance of a standard when it is missing, or has not been properly applied – because then things do not work as they should.

Want to know more?
We are CEN, the European Committee for Standardization. We develop and publish European Standards.
On our website you can learn about the world of standards, and about the various benefits that standards can offer to consumers, to businesses and organizations of all sizes, and to society as a whole.

You can also find out the various ways in which you can help to shape the content of standards, by contributing to the development of standards at national, European or international level.