eBusiness is one of the main diverse areas in the world economy change. The area is very wide including fields like eInvoice, eProcurement, eSignature or eTourism.

CEN-CENELEC standardization activities in the area is carried out via Technical Committees or Workshops.

News and events

In the frame of the EU Directive 2014/55/EU on electronic invoicing in public procurement, the CEN/TC 434 on Electronic Invoicing has published in June 2017:

  • EN 16931-1 Electronic invoicing - Part 1: Semantic data model of the core elements of an electronic invoice;
  • TS 16931-2 Electronic invoicing - Part 2: List of syntaxes that comply with EN 16931-1

In total 8 deliverables will be published before the end of 2017. The implementation of the European standard EN 16931 and related Technical Specifications and Technical Reports will foster Electronic invoices in progressively being able to flow seamlessly.

Technical bodies and activities

CEN Technical Committees (CEN/TCs) are responsible for the programming and planning of the technical work in the form of a Business Plan, for the monitoring and the execution of the work in accordance with the agreed Business Plan and for the management of the standards making process, including the respect of CEN's policies and the consensus building amongst all interested parties represented through the CEN national members, the CEN Associates and the Affiliates.
CEN Technical Committees, which work is related to eBusinness:
  • CEN/TC 224 - Personal Identification, Electronic Signature and Cards
  • CEN/TC 225 - AIDC Technologies
  • CEN/TC 247 - Building Automation, Controls and Building Management
  • CEN/TC 251 - Health Informatics
  • CEN/TC 278 - Road transport and traffic telematics
  • CEN/TC 287 - Geographic Information
  • CEN/TC 294 - Communication systems for meters and remote reading of meters
  • CEN/TC 304 - Information and Communication Technologies - European Localization Requirements
  • CEN/TC 310 - Advanced Automation Technologies and their Applications
  • CEN/TC 365 - Project Committee - Internet Filtering.
  • CEN/TC 434 - Electronic Invoicing
  • CEN/TC 440 - Electronic Public Procurement

eBusiness Coordination Group (eB CG)

The eBusiness Co-ordination Group (eB CG) is an advisory group of CEN. The Group will provide a focal point concerning eBusiness standardization issues.

It is one of the goals of this Group to take the outcome of existing processes and turn them into a coherent and well-maintained programme. The Group addresses (standardization) activities in topic areas such as:

  • uptake and adoption of standards;
  • relations and dependencies between (work programmes) of CEN groups active in the field of eBusiness;
  • translation of (business) requirements into (standardization) activities proposals.

Best practices on the development and registration of EN 16931-1 compliant registrable Core Invoice Usage Specifications: this document, developed and approved by the CEN eBusiness Coordination Group, aims to give guidance on the creation and implementation of a CIUS with a quality control objective. It provides guidance for the creation and implementation of Core Invoice Usage Specifications (CIUS) as defined in EN 16931-1. This guidance document has been developed under the sole responsibility of the eBusiness Coordination Group, and has not the status of a CEN Technical Report (TR), Technical Specification (TS) or European Standard (EN).


A CEN-CENELEC Workshop is a flexible working platform, open to the participation of any company or organizsation, for rapid elaboration of consensus documents. A workshop is closed once it has issued its deliverables.

Current list of workshops per domain:

Banking software:

Cloud computing

Data technologies

European Legislation and Mandates