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CEN and CENELEC aim to ensure that their standards address all the possible hazards that products may pose to their youngest users. Standardization plays a significant role in improving the safety of products that are intended for use by or with children, and in the care of children.

CEN and CENELEC develop and adopt European Standards that support child safety under the following categories: toys, nursery products and furniture, child resistant products and protective devices, and playground and sports equipment for children.

A wide range of stakeholders, including manufacturers, consumer representatives and testing bodies are actively involved in standardization activities related to child safety. Public authorities responsible for market surveillance also follow this work.

While developing standards in support of child safety, CEN and CENELEC take into full account of relevant legislations adopted by the European Union, including the Toy Safety Directive (2009/48/EC) and the EU Directive on General Product Safety (2001/95/EC).

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