Technical Specifications 

A Technical Specification (TS) is a normative document, the development of which can be envisaged when various alternatives that would not gather enough as to allow agreement on a European Standard (EN), need to coexist in anticipation of future harmonization, or for providing specifications in experimental circumstances and/or evolving technologies.

A Technical Specification is established by a CEN Technical Body and approved through a weighted vote by the CEN national members. The TS shall be announced at national level. It may be adopted as a national standard, but conflicting national standards may continue to exist. A Technical Specification may however not conflict with a European Standard. If a conflicting EN is subsequently published, the TS is withdrawn.

No time limit is specified for the lifetime of TSs, but the responsible Technical Body shall ensure that they are reviewed at intervals of not more than 3 years, starting from their date of publication by CCMC.