WS 81 - Postal supply chain security (SAFEPOST) 

The postal sector is an important part of the supply chain handling over 40 million international parcels a year. There has been recognition, both by regulators and by the industry, of the importance of security in this context.

This workshop is proposed by the SAFEPOST consortium. The SAFEPOST consortium was created within the framework of the FP7 programme. It aims at raising the current level of postal security by integrating innovative screening solutions, suitable for uninterrupted flow of parcels and letters,  with operational postal processes and the criminal and customs intelligence work in a European wide cooperative distributed model.

CEN Workshop's status

The kick-off meeting of the SAFEPOST workshop took place on 2 September 2015. During this meeting the project plan of the workshop was confirmed. The duration of the CEN/WS SAFEPOST was originally of 6 months. Nevertheless, the duration of the workshop has been extended and it is expected to be finalised in June 2016.

CEN Workshop's Agreement

The goal of the Workshop is to define standardization needs related to security aspects in postal services.
The scope of the Workshop includes security aspects in postal item delivery services of both public and private operators. The aim is to develop a single CEN Workshop agreement (CWA) containing a mapping of existing standards and a roadmap with a gap analysis and possible standardization needs.

Workshop Officer

Antonino Scribellito
Senior Projects Manager
Iván Zaldívar Santamaría
Mr Maarten Peelen (Secretary)
Mrs Tosca Bouma (Secretary support team)

CEN-CENELEC Management Centre
Ms Alina Iatan
Programme Manager