CEN Focus Group on Healthcare Services (HSFG) 

Recent years have seen an increasing demand from stakeholders in relation to the standardization of healthcare services. The increasing mobility of patients and healthcare professionals means that there is a greater need for transparency, in order to make it possible to measure the quality and compare healthcare services, ensure patient safety.

For this reason, the CEN Technical Board decided to create a CEN Focus Group on Healthcare Services in May 2016, confirming the view that standardization can play an important role in the provision of quality healthcare services.

A Focus Group, according to the CEN-CENELEC Internal Regulations Part 2, is a short-term group created, for a specified maximum duration, to ensure the interaction between all relevant European stakeholders interested in potential standardization in a new field or subject. It does not develop standardization deliverables.

The objective of HSFG is to explore the way in which standardization can support quality, efficiency and safety in complex healthcare services throughout Europe. In its work, the Focus Group does not address:

  • medical informatics and medical devices;
  • cross-border recognition of professional qualifications;
  • and medical/clinical guidelines based on evidence-based medicine.