Services case studies 

In 2012, a series of case studies were carried out to explore the implementation of service standards and to assess their impacts on service providers and users. The case studies collected information and feedback from organizations using European service standards, and documented achieved impact and benefits.

Nederlandse Onderwatersport Bond

The Netherlands’ diving industry association, Nederlandse Onderwatersport Bond, implemented the European Standards EN 141533 & EN 14413:2004 ‘Minimum requirements for the training of recreational scuba divers and scuba instructors’, providing them with the opportunity and basis to completely overhaul their system of recreational diver training programmes.

Begravelses Services

After purchasing EN 15017:2005 in 2008 Begravelses Service (BS) implemented several significant changes within their business to meet the requirements outlined in the standard and to improve the quality of their service. The resulting CEN Case Study, published in 2012, presents the results of this exercise and how BS  was able to guarantee its customers  a qualified, efficient and high quality service.

Stora Enso

The implementation of the European Standards EN 13306:2010 Maintenance Terminology and EN 15341:2007 ‘Maintenance Key Performance Indicators’ supported the development of a new system for defining, coordinating and improving maintenance services at pulp and paper mills across Sweden, leading to improved efficiency and reduced costs.

Leatherbarrows Removals and Storage Ltd

The European Standards EN 12522:1998 ‘Furniture removal activities – Furniture removal for private individuals (service specification & provision of services)’ helped this removals and storage company improve the clarity of its service, leading to more efficient processes, improved service quality and increased customer satisfaction.

Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles (STIB)

Thanks to the European Standard EN 13816:2002 ‘Public Passenger Transport – Service Quality Definition, Targeting and Measurement’ the Brussels’ public transport provider went through a significant reorganization and contributed to an increased focus on customer satisfaction and a quality approach to service.

Traducciones Políglota

With the European Standards EN 15038:2006 ‘Translation Services’, Traducionnes Políglota’s made a clear commitment to providing a professional, high-quality service based on good practices.