Fields of work 

The core business of CEN is to develop and publish European Standards and technical specifications that meet the evolving needs of European businesses and other organizations. This important work brings concrete benefits, such as : improving safety, quality and reliability of products, services, processes; reinforcing the Single Market and supporting the economic growth and the spread of new technologies and innovation.

In order to prepare and produce state-of-the-art standards, CEN relies on the knowledge of some 50.000 experts, who participate in various technical activities through a network of 50 National Standards Bodies (34 Members plus 16 Affiliates) and continuous cooperation with organizations representing different stakeholders, including consumers, workers, environmental interests and SMEs.

The CEN Technical Board (CEN/BT) is responsible for co-ordinating and managing the standards development work that is being carried out in more than 320 Technical Committees. In addition to overseeing these activities, as well as their related processes, the CEN Technical Board is also responsible for evaluating and addressing requests for standardization on new subjects.

The Vienna Agreement provides a framework for technical cooperation between CEN and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It provides provisions relating to the exchange of information between ISO and CEN, mutual representation at meetings, and parallel approval of standards.

Keep up to date on standardization activities in your sector

CEN provides a European platform for the standardization of products, services, processes and systems across a wide range of sectors. Discover what standardization activities are going on in your sector and keep up to date on the latest standardization activities.

A growing number of sectors are being addressed by both CEN and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC)  in the framework of their joint activities. These include among others: Accessibility, Defence and Security, Energy Efficiency, Energy Labelling, Ecodesign and Energy Management, Health and Safety.

Standardization work for joint activities carried out by CEN and CENELEC are made available from their common CEN-CENELEC website.

The contact details of the responsible Programme Manager(s) in the CEN-CENELEC Mangement Centre is indicated on each webpage under 'Fields of Work'.