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As ICT is developing rapidly, digital skills are increasingly becoming important and need to be constantly updated. In addition, the development of e-business is increasing in demand for individuals with creativity, innovation and higher-level conceptual skills.
This workshop brings together more than 25 relevant stakeholders from industry, human resources, academia and IT national associations from Europe, United States and Japan.

From its inception, the Workshop has contributed to the long-term e-Skills agenda of the European Commission (EC). 

CEN Workshop on ICT Skills aims to address e-Skills shortages, gaps and mismatches as well as a persistent digital divide that affects productivity growth, competitiveness, innovation, employment and social cohesion in Europe and supports the employment strategy for ICT, particularly the increase in highly qualified ICT labour and promotion of digital skills across workforce - flagship priorities of the European Commission Communication COMM(2012) 'Towards a job-rich recovery' (pdf format).

A European e-Competence Framework, a reference document of 36 ICT competences, has been developed in the framework of this workshop.

In the context of the ‘European ICT Professional Profiles in action’ Project, the following ‘European ICT Professional Role Profiles version 2’ CWAs, which have been officially published by CEN on 2018-08-29, are available for download:

CWA 16458-1:2018 European ICT professionals role profiles – Part 1: 30 ICT profiles
CWA 16458-2:2018 European ICT professional role profiles - Part 2: User guide
CWA 16458-3:2018 European ICT professional role profiles - Part 3: Methodology documentation
CWA 16458-4:2018 European ICT professional role profiles - Part 4: Case studies


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