Global eBusiness Interoperability Testbed methodologies (WS/GITB) 

In the move towards globally networked enterprises, more and improved e-business testing capabilities are needed, particularly in situations where e-business standards are to support complex interactions among a larger number of organizations. 

The Global e-Business Interoperability Test Bed project (GITB) focuses on methodologies and architectures that support e-business standards assessment and testing activities from early stages of eBusiness standards implementation, to proof-of-concept demonstrations, to conformance and interoperability testing. The main and long term objective of GITB is to develop, under EU support and guidance,  a set up of a comprehensive and global eBusiness interoperability test bed system in a global collaboration of European, North American and Asian partners. GITB is a global initiative hosted by CEN and supported by ETSI, EIC, NIST, KorBIT and the industry associations AIAG and IAI.

The first phase of GITB (October 2008 -Dec 2009) delivered a baseline assessment of existing testing requirements and testing capabilities and a roadmap towards a global e-business interoperability testbed. The second phase (2011) aimed to define an architecture for interoperability testbeds for ebusiness standards at a global scale, the governance structure and develop selected use cases.

Draft CWA(s) under public enquiry

Global eBusiness Interoperability Test Bed (GITB3)
Phase 3: Implementation Specifications and Proof-of-Concept

Workshop status

Kick-off of phase 3 of the workshop on Global eBusiness Interoperability Testbed methodologies
  • Kick-off meeting on 1 April 2014 during which the Business Plan will be approved.
Call for experts  - GITB3

The deadline for replying to then call is 14 March 2014. Applications have to be sent to the secretariat.

Published CWAs

GITB phase 2 has produced the CWA 16408:2012. It contains key components of a global eBusiness interoperability test bed as well as the outilne of a testing methodology.

Workshop's officers

CEN Workshop Chairperson
Dr. Nenad Ivezic
NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology)
CEN Workshop Secretary
Mr Jaap van der Marel
CEN-CENELEC Programme Manager
Mr Alain Dechamps