The eInvoicing Workshop is closed. It has published the following CWAs:

Phase 3

CWA 16460 :
Good Practice: e-Invoicing Compliance Guidelines - The Commentary
Correction Notice
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CWA 16461
Electronic invoice processes in Europe and enablement of SMEs to use them efficiently

CWA 16462 :
CEN e-Invoice Gateway

CWA 16463 :
Code of Practice for Electronic Invoicing in the European Union

CWA 16464-1 :
Electronic invoicing - Part 1: Addressing and Routing

CWA 16464-2 :
Electronic invoicing - Part 2: Model Interoperability Agreement for Transmission and Processing of Electronic Invoices and other Business Documents

CWA 16464-3 :
Electronic invoicing - Part 3: Conformance Criteria for Interoperability between Electronic Invoicing Services

Phase 2

CWA 16046
Adoption programme for increased eInvoicing in European business processes

CWA 16047
eInvoicing Compliance Guidelines Commentary to the compliance Matrix

CWA 16048
Monitoring legal requirements for cross-border eInvoicing and recommendation of changes in the legal environment

CWA 16049
Assessing new business processes and technologies for eInvoicing

CWA 16050
Framework for the emerging network infrastructure of eInvoicing service providers throughout Europe


Phase 1 

CWA 15574
Commission Recommendation 1994/820/EC October 1994, proposed revision with the requirements of Directive 2001/115/EC, present day e-Commerce practices and revised definition of EDI Electronic Data Interchange
Annex to CWA 15574

CWA 15575
The list of invoice content details identified in the directive 2001/115/EC expressed as UN/CEFACT Core Components

CWA 15576
Recommendation to allow coded identifiers as an alternative to the current unstructured clear text identifications

CWA 15577
A standardised set of codes with definitions to replace plain text clauses in eInvoice messages for VAT exemptions

CWA 15578
Survey of VAT Data Element usage in the Member States and the use of codes for VAT Exemptions (contains Annex 1 & 2)
Annex 3 to CWA 15578
Annex 4 to CWA 15578

CWA 15579
E-invoices and digital signatures. This version was published in 2007 and supersedes the 2006 one

CWA 15580
Storage of Electronic Invoices

CWA 15581
Guidelines for eInvoicing Service Providers

CWA 15582
eInvoice Reference Model for EU VAT purposes specification