CEN Workshop 83 on comminuted and/or fragmented poultry meat (MSM) 

The aim of this Workshop is to develop a CWA on the technical requirements and methods to classify the level of degradation of muscle structure in mechanically separated poultry meat (MSM). It will build on the results of research performed as part of the project supported by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme on ‘Development of an objective method to perform quality classification of comminute poultry meat (MACSYS)’ that involve nine partners, including research institutions and companies from six EU countries.


CEN Workshop Status

The Workshop has fulfilled its objectives and is now closed

Published CWA

CWA 17047:2016 ‘Comminuted and fragmented poultry meat - Quantification of muscle fibre structure degradation’

Workshop's officers

Mr Richard Griffiths, Director
Food Policy British Poultry Council
Ms Juliane Eykelhoff
AgroFood & Consument, NE
CEN-CENELEC Management Centre
Karolina Krzystek–De Ranter