CEN Workshop 76 - Batch-based Calculation of Sustainability Impact for Captured White Fish Products - WhiteFish BCSI 

WhiteFish is the short title for the "Automated and differentiated calculation of sustainability for cod and haddock products", a project funded under the FP7 program of the European Commission as a "Research for the Benefit of SME Associations" project.
The evaluation of all types of sustainability aspects on batch level is quite new, and there are no guidelines on how this can be done, which indicators should be measured, and how the values should be interpreted. The CWA could be used to calculate sustainability on batch level and it will help in identifying what data should be recorded, and how that data should be interpreted.


CEN Workshop Status

The Business Plan of CEN/WS 76 was approved in the kick-off meeting on 3 June 2014 in Tromsø, Norway, at the occasion of the 2nd WhiteFish plenary meeting.

You can download the Business Plan in pdf format.

The CEN Workshop Agreement is scheduled to be finalised end of November 2014. Please contact the Workshop secretary, Mr Rolf Duus for any further details.

CEN Workshop Agreement

The scope of this CEN Workshop is to establish recommendations and to take the necessary initial steps towards the development of a standard in this area.
The overall objective of the CEN Workshop is to facilitate and prepare the basis for batch-based calculations of sustainability impact for wild caught fish products by developing a CEN Workshop Agreement describing:
  • what data should be recorded by the company to be able to carry out a self-assessment calculation of sustainability impact;
  • how should data be interpreted.

Workshop's officers

Petter Olsen
Web: www.whitefishproject.org
Rolf Duus
Standards Norway
CEN Management Centre Contact Point:
Ms Andrea Nam
Programme Manager
WhiteFish convener:
Kine Mari Karlsen