WS 74 - Glossary of Terms for Holistic Management of Brownfield Regeneration (GoT-HOMBRE) 

Unbuilt landscape is a limited resource. Given the demographic developments in many European countries such as future population decline and an ageing society, the economic aspect of land utilization is growing in significance.

While, as a rule, reuse of brownfields and gaps between structures allows existing infrastructures to be exploited, permitting building on new land usually entails enhancing or installing new technological infrastructures (e.g. adequate traffic accessibility, utilities and waste management facilities) and social infrastructure (e.g. childcare and educational facilities). At the same time, infrastructure capacities and the long-term financial scope for providing requisite infrastructures significantly determine the quality and cost-effectiveness of residential, commercial and industrial sites. Furthermore, the costs of site maintenance also have to be considered.

CEN Workshop status

Following the publication of the CEN Workshop agreement as CWA 16833 ‘Glossary of Terms for Holistic Management of Brownfield Regeneration (GoT-HOMBRE)’ on 10 December 2014, the workshop has been closed.

CEN Workshop Agreement

This CEN Workshop was proposed by the HOMBRE consortium, which conducted a Collaborative Project on the Holistic Management of Brownfield Regeneration supported by the EU 7th Framework Programme of the EU, Theme FP7 ENV.2010.3.1.5-2, Environmental technologies for brownfield regeneration.
The Workshop agreement (CWA 16833) provides terms and definitions that could be used for the communication and discussion of issues related to holistic management of brownfield regeneration and land management/land use planning in general. The Workshop agreement can be purchased from any of the CEN members.

Workshop's officers

Workshop secretariat
Dr Renata Körfer
DIN Normenausschuss Labor

Workshop Chairperson
Dr. Thomas Track

Mr Hans van Duijne