Environmental training 

The Environmental Helpdesk proposes three types of training to standard writers on how to address environmental issues during the development or revision of standards:

1. E-learning - 'Environmental aspects in standardization' (EN, FR or DE)

Available also in French and German!
This online training provides knowledge and understanding of why and how to include environmental considerations in standards writing activities to technical committee members and other stakeholders with an interest in environment and standardization.
run the e-learning.

If you want to do the training, you need to register. This provides feedback to us on the use of this service. The training takes about 2 hours if you do all 5 modules and the related Quizzes in one time. You can also decide to do only some of the modules, but we recommend you to do all of them to get an overall picture of how you can contribute to the protection of the environment. The modules will guide you through the understanding of the environmental thinking, the environmental aspects and explain you the tools we provide and their use.  

2. On-site training (Brussels) - Environmental aspects in standards - in English only

  1. Inclusion of environmental aspects in standards
    This one-day interactive course helps standards writers to understand why it is necessary to consider environmental aspects while drafting products, test and services standards. It provides ways and practical examples on how to use and tailor the various tools available to technical committees through case studies, best practices and sector-specific applications.
    To benefit from the course, it is highly recommended to first follow the e-learning 'Environmental aspects in Standardization' training course (see above).
  2. Standardization for environmental experts
    This is a  one-day programme for environmental experts to explore the CEN and international standardization processes and how CEN promotes the inclusions of environmental aspects in standards.
    The objective is to help participants understand the CEN/CENELEC and wider standardization processes and identify how they can most effectively engage to secure environmental improvements through supporting the development of standards and related standardization products. The next training will take place on 8 December 2016 at CEN-CENELEC Management Centre in Brussels. 

Planned Webinars in 2016

Climate change adaptation - 20 October 2016 - 14h16h CET

The webinar will explain to standard writers the importance of the use of the CEN CENELEC Guide 32 addressing climate change adaptation in standards taking place between 14-16h Brussels time. The invited speakers are the chair of the project team that developed the guide and the European Commission DG Climate action representative.

Addressing environmental issues in testing standards - 17 November 2016 10h - 10h45 CET

The webinar will explain to standard writers the importance of the use of the CEN CENELEC Guide 33 on addressing environmental issues in testing standards published earlier this year. The webinar will take place between 10-10.45h Brussels time.

Should you be interested in participating in the training, please send your contact details to the CEN Environmental Helpdesk (CEN/EHD). We will be in touch with you for practical information. The invitation will be also circulated to all TC secretaries.

Environmental workshop

One-day session tailored to the needs of a CEN Technical Committee.
This Workshop offers an opportunity to evaluate the environmental performance of the standards that are developed by a TC.

During the workshop, the TC members will have the opportunity to:

  • learn about the Environmental framework and the tools that are available to support the development of an environmental approach;
  • learn to use CEN Guide 4 as well as the Environmental Checklist and how it could be applied to their own needs;
  • learn from experiences from CEN sectors on how standards can address environmental topics;
  • determine how specific standards can be improved by integrating environmental aspects;
  • draft an environmental approach for upcoming projects.

If your CEN committee is interested in developing an environmental approach and participating in an Environmental workshop, please contact CEN/EHD for further details.