Biofuels are composed or produced from biomass and are a key component of the EU climate and energy targets. Biofuels can be solid, liquid or gaseous. Bioethanol, biodiesel or biogas are examples of biofuels.

The development of European Standards is an important element in the creation and expansion of the European market for biofuels. European standardization is also important in relation to sustainability and the use of biofuels as a blend component for regular fuel.


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Technical bodies and activities

CEN Technical Committees, which work is related to bio-fuels:
  • CEN/TC 19 - Gaseous and liquid fuels, lubricants and related products of petroleum, synthetic and biological origin
  • CEN/TC 335 - Solid biofuels
  • CEN/TC 383 - Sustainably produced biomass for energy applications
  • CEN/TC 408 - Project Committee - Natural gas and biomethane for use in transport and biomethane for injection in the natural gas grid

Sector Forum

A Sector Forum is a platform aiming at facilitating the exchange of information between the different stakeholders, coordinating and identifying the standardization needs in a specific field of CEN work.

There is no Sector Forum in the field of bio-fuels.

European legislation and mandates

Many of the European Standards developed in this area support European legislation and policies regarding the protection of the environment, sustainability or the promotion of renewable energy sources. Some of them have also being developed following a specific request, a Mandate, from the European Commission.

EU Directives

Standardization activities in the area of biofuels are linked to the Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EC) and the Fuel Quality Directive with (98/70/EC)


Some of the latest Mandates received by CEN in this area are:
  • M/475 for standards for biomethane for use in transport and injection in natural gas pipelines
  • M/525 for standards on pyrolysis oils produced from biomass feedstocks to be used in various energy applications or intermediate products for subsequent processing

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