CEN actively participates in the efforts, both at European and at international levels, to harmonize the requirements related to safety, environmental and technical aspects in the field of nuclear energy. It works very closely with international technical bodies and takes European initiatives alike.

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Technical bodies and activities

A number of CEN technical bodies are involved in developing European Standards in the nuclear field. In order to ensure harmonization with nuclear standardization at international level, most of them work in close collaboration with ISO:
  • CEN/TC 430 - Nuclear energy, nuclear technologies, and radiological protection
    Set up at the end of 2013, CEN/TC 430 aims at converting into European Standards those international standards developed by ISO/TC 85. Its scope covers standardization in the field of peaceful applications of nuclear energy, nuclear technologies and in the field of the protection of individuals and the environment against all sources of ionising radiations.
  • CEN/WS 64 - Phase 2: Design and Construction Codes for Gen II to IV nuclear facilities (pilot case for process for evolution of AFCEN codes)
    CEN/WS 64 Phase 2 aims at harmonizing in Europe the French design and construction codes for mechanical equipment and civil engineering of GEN II, GEN III and GEN IV nuclear installations.


  • WS 64 - Phase 2 ‘Design and Construction Code for mechanical and civil engineering for Gen II to IV nuclear facilities’
  • WS 64 - Phase 3KICK-OFF - Design and Construction Codes for Gen II, III and IV nuclear facilities’

Sector Forum

A Sector Forum is a platform aiming at facilitating the exchange of information between the different stakeholders, coordinating and identifying new standardization needs.
In the nuclear field no Sector Forum exists due to the relatively limited scopes of CEN technical bodies involved.

European legislation and mandates

Following specific requests – called 'standardization requests' or 'mandates' – from the European Commission, CEN develops European Standards that support the European legislation in a number of domains. The mandated standards are called 'Harmonized Standards' and their references and titles are published in the 'Official Journal of the European Union'.
EU Directives

In the nuclear field CEN does not develop European Standards intended to become Harmonized Standards in support of pieces of legislation. However, experts involved in nuclear standardization keep in mind the European legislation in place, namely:

No mandate specific to the nuclear field was issued by the European Commission.
Harmonized Standards

No Harmonized Standard is developed by CEN in the nuclear field.

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