Transport fuels is an area with high reliance on European standardization. Common and precise methods of sampling and testing, to avoid double sampling and testing in evaluating the quality of a product, are extremely essential when it comes to trading fuels. The development of European Standards is an important element in providing these common methods and ensuring that European consumers and businesses are provided with safe and reliable fuels, while considering the environment (e.g. emissions). European standardization also plays a role in ensuring clear consumer information on the compatibility between new alternative fuels and cars, by setting clear and simple labelling requirements.

Biofuels are also used as a blend component of regular fuel. More information on the European standardization work in the area of biofuels can be found in the section on renewable energy sources.

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Technical bodies and activities

CEN technical bodies, which work is related to fuels:

Sector Forum

A Sector Forum is a platform aiming at facilitating the exchange of information between the different stakeholders, coordinating and identifying the standardization needs in a specific field of CEN work.
There is no Sector Forum in the field of fuels.

European legislation and mandates

Many of the European Standards developed in this area support European legislation and policies regarding the protection of the environment and also the deployment of alternative fuels. Some of them have been developed following a specific request, a Mandate, from the European Commission.

EU Directives

European Standards for automotive fuels and a fuel quality monitoring system are linked with the Fuel Quality Directive (98/70/EC) and its successive amendments. Standardization for solid recovered fuels is also related to the Directive for incineration of waste (2000/76/EC). CEN is also currently developing standards in relation to fuel labelling in line with the requirements of article 7 of the Directive on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure (2014/94/EU).


Some of the latest Mandates received by CEN in this area are:
  • M/325 on solid recovered fuels (SRF)
  • M/394 on the revision of EN 590 to increase the concentration of FAME and FAEE to 10% v/v

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