Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) 

Heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning covers gas appliances, oil and solid fuels appliances, refrigeration, heat pumps and exchangers, ventilation and cleanrooms.

CEN is developing European Standards that cover the conversion of gaseous fuels and their uses in various types of installations, components and materials to be incorporated in or linked to applications and installations. 'Installation' is considered in so far as it has an influence on appliances and controls.

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Technical bodies and activities

The work programme is divided into three areas, each one including several technical committees:
Appliances burning gaseous fuels
  • CEN/TC 48 - Domestic gas-fired water heaters
  • CEN/TC 49 - Gas cooking appliances
  • CEN/TC 58 - Safety and control devices for gas-burners and gas-burning appliances
  • CEN/TC 62 - Independent gas-fired space heaters
  • CEN/TC 106 - Large kitchen appliances using gaseous fuels
  • CEN/TC 109 - Central heating boilers using gaseous fuels
  • CEN/TC 131 - Gas burners using fans
  • CEN/TC 180 - Non-domestic gas-fired overhead radiant heaters
  • CEN/TC 181 - Dedicated liquefied petroleum gas appliances
  • CEN/TC 238 - Test gases, test pressures and categories of appliances
  • CEN/TC 299 - Gas-fired sorption appliances and domestic gas-fired washing and drying appliances
  • CEN/CLC/JWG/FCGA - CEN/CENELEC Joint Working Group on FCGA (Fuel cell gas appliances)
  • CEN/SS H99 - Products for household and leisure use - Undetermined

Oil and solid fuels
  • CEN/TC 46 - Fireplaces for liquid fuels
  • CEN/TC 47 - Atomizing oil burners and their components – Function – Safety – Testing
  • CEN/TC 57 - Central heating boilers
  • CEN/TC 295 - Recidential solid fuel burning appliances

Refrigeration, heat exchangers and pumps, space heating, ventilation, air filters, heating systems in buildings, cleanroom technology
  • CEN/TC 44 - Commercial refrigerated cabinets, catering refrigerating appliances and industrial refrigeration
  • CEN/TC 113 - Heat pumps and air conditioning units
  • CEN/TC 130 - Space heating appliances without integral heat sources
  • CEN/TC 156 - Ventilation for buildings
  • CEN/TC 182 - Refrigerating systems, safety and environmental requirements
  • CEN/TC 195 - Air filters for general air cleaning
  • CEN/TC 228 - Heating systems in buildings
  • CEN/TC 243 - Cleanroom technology
  • CEN/SS H07 - Space heating

Sector Forum

A Sector Forum is a platform aiming at facilitating the exchange of information between the different stakeholders, coordinating and identifying the standardization needs in a specific field of CEN work.
The 'Sector Forum Gas Utilization' is the CEN platform for gas appliances. A Sector Nucleus Group coordinates the activities of the sector forum with those from the Sector Forum Gas Infrastructure.
The aim of the Sector Forum Gas Utilization is to:
  • Co-ordinate the CEN technical committees which deal with the standardization activities in this sector;
  • Identify and meet the sector needs;
  • Provide solutions for the problems arising due to the drafting of European Standards within the relevant technical committees;
  • Interface with the European Commission and EFTA partners and other stakeholders on policy issues;
  • Channell appropriately and as needed, information on the sector developments and requirements;
  • Ensure that useful information and advice is passed on to the CEN Technical Board and other relevant committees.

European legislation and mandates

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