Structural: Eurocodes 

Structural eurocodes - referred to as 'Eurocodes' - are common structural building and civil engineering structures.

So far, 58 Structural Eurocodes parts (Eurocodes published standards) have been produced, providing rules for basis of design, actions on structures as well as structural design rules for the use of all major construction materials such as concrete, steel, timber, masonry and aluminium. The 58 structural eurocodes parts are now available and all conflicting national standards should have been withdrawn.

News and events

No news and events at the moment.

Technical bodies and activities

CEN Technical Committee, which work is related to eurocodes:
  • CEN/TC 250 - Structural Eurocodes
    This TC was established in 1990 and developed the first Eurocodes as pre-standards. The committee has now transformed the documents into European Standards and is working on the future of the Eurocodes (e.g. glass, fibre reinforced polymer, membranes, structures retrofitting of existing and new structures).

Sector Forum

A Sector Forum is a platform aiming at facilitating the exchange of information between the different stakeholders, coordinating and identifying the standardization needs in a specific field of CEN work.
There is no sector forum in the field of eurocodes.

European legislation and mandates

In December 2012 the Mandate M/515 was addressed to CEN in the field of Structural Eurocodes, with the overall objective of initiate the process of further evolution of the Eurocodes. CEN/TC 250 has prepared the Work Programme replying to M/515 that has been forwarded to the European Commission for its acceptance. CEN/TC 250 is currently preparing the revision of the existing set of Eurocodes.

Useful links and documents

For more information on Eurocodes and for updates on the implementation of national annexes covering nationally determined parameters (NDP), please visit the Joint Research Centre (JRC) website.
Guidelines and procedures for the maintenance of existing Structural Eurocodes
Guidelines and procedures to be followed in preparing EN Eurocode Parts in response to EU Commission Mandate M/515
Other documents