Energy performance of buildings 

The basis for the standardization work to be carried out by CEN, CENELEC and ETSI is found in the current set of Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) related CEN standards, as well as other existing national, CEN/CENELEC and ISO standards.

The improved set of EPBD standards shall become a systematic, clear and comprehensive package for the benefit of professionals, Member States and relations with third countries.

In order to ensure user-friendliness, a continuous but modular overall structure is needed, covering all standards related to the energy performance of buildings, providing the overall framework which will enable a step-by-step implementation by the EU Member States.

The mandated works will include guidance on the rationalization of different options given in the standards, providing a balance between the accuracy and level of detail, on one hand, and the simplicity and availability of input data, on the other. Hidden complexities will also be taken into account, such as the impact of differences in the overall legal frameworks on the national choices and national input data.

News and events

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Technical bodies and activities

The horizontal coordination of the work under M/480 has been allocated to:
  • CEN/TC 371 - Energy Performance of Building project group

Five CEN technical committees have been assigned the task of developing the required standards:
  • CEN/TC 89 - Thermal performance of buildings and building components
  • CEN/TC 156 - Ventilation for buildings
  • CEN/TC 169 - Light and lighting
  • CEN/TC 228 - Heating systems in buildings
  • CEN/TC 247 - Building automation, controls and building management

European legislation and mandates

To support the implementation of the directive 2010/31 EU (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive -EPBD), recast of directive 2002/91/EC, the European Commission issued in December 2010 a Standardization Mandate M/480 (pdf format) to CEN, CENELEC and ETSI for the elaboration and adoption of standards for a methodology calculating the integrated energy performance of buildings and promoting the energy efficiency of buildings.

Useful links and mandates

The EPBD building platform will give you more detailed information concerning the directive and its implementation.