This sector covers a wide range of materials from metallic alloys to textile products. Amongst the available standards, a very embracing compilation of technical content can be found on areas such as inspection, calibration, composition, delivery, testing and sampling.

Some of these standards are harmonized under the CPR (Construction Products Regulation) and allow the CE marking of the covered products.

Iron and steel

In the history of European construction, ECSC (the European Coal and Steel Community) was the first cornerstone - predating the treaty of Rome. In 1953, Coordinating Commission for the Nomenclature of Iron and Steel Products (COCOR) was established and created between its creation and 1986 about 200 reference documents, called Euronorms, most of which served as a basis for the preparation of the existing European Standards in this sector. Since 1986, the standardization of iron and steel products in Europe has been conducted by the European Committee for Iron and Steel Standardization (ECISS).

ECISS is an independent body and an Associated Standards Body of CEN, the standardization programme of which is supported financially by the EC and EFTA. It is linked to CEN for administrative and legal purposes. ECISS operates according to its own Internal Regulations. It is managed by a Coordinating Commission (COCOR) and is serviced by a central secretariat employed by CEN, but reporting directly to COCOR.

Metallic materials

Metallic refers to the different types of metallic materials and resulting alloys as well as to powder metallurgy. Exception is made to iron and steel, which are dealt with under the European Committee for Iron and Steel Standardisation (ECISS).

Non metallic materials

As non-metallic, materials such as paper, plastics or rubber can be found.

Data technologies

Data technologies relate to the CEN Workshops on Mechanical Test data; Fatigue Test data; Electronic Reporting in the engineering sector; Economics and Logistics of standards-compliant schemas and ontologies for interoperability of engineering materials data.



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Technical bodies and activities

Technical Committees, which work is related to the materials' field:
Iron and steel
Metallic materials
  • CEN/TC 132 - Aluminium and aluminium alloys
  • CEN/TC 133 - Copper and copper alloys
  • CEN/TC 209 - Zinc and zinc alloys
  • CEN/TC 220 - Tin and tin alloys
  • CEN/TC 306 - Lead and lead alloys
  • CEN/SS M11 - Powder metallurgy
Non metallic


Sector Forum

A Sector Forum is a platform aiming at facilitating the exchange of information between the different stakeholders, coordinating and identifying the standardization needs in a specific field of CEN work.
There is no Sector Forum in the materials field.

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ECISS contacts:
President representing steels manufacturers: Mr Eugenio Garcia

Vice president representing National Standardization Bodies: Mr Mika Vartiainen

Vice president representing steels users: Dr Frank Wohnsland

Secretary: Mr Alexandre Beltrão