WS 71 - Validation of computational solid mechanics models using strain fiels from calibrated measurement (VANESSA) 

VANESSA, or Validation of Numerical Engineering Simulations: Standardization Actions’ is a project funded under the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme, which has as its goal the establishment of a validation methodology for computational solid mechanics models and associated calibration procedures within a standards framework.  It is based on the scientific results of two earlier EU projects known as SPOTS and ADVISE.

Objectives of VANESSA

The aim is to integrate the results and to promote their adoption by the European industrial and scientific communities in order to achieve better quality modelling of engineering structures and more elegant, sustainable designs.

The VANESSA project is supported by partners from across the innovation spectrum and has representation from a wide range of industrial sectors, including aerospace, automotive and energy.

The scientific and technical aims of VANESSA are:

  • to conduct international inter-lab comparison (round-robin) exercises that will generate evidence that the reference material, for calibration of optical systems for strain field measurement, and the validation protocol, for computational solid mechanics models, form a solid basis for standardization;
  • to prepare a CEN Workshop Agreement on validation of computational solid mechanics models using strain fields from calibrated measurement systems;
  • to raise awareness in the EU industrial base and international engineering community of the validation protocol through a programme of knowledge dissemination and exchange.


CEN Workshop status

  • CEN/WS 71 'Validation of computational solid mechanics models using strain fields from calibrated measurements (VANESSA)' finalized the CEN Workshop Agreement 16799:2014 'Validation of computational solid mechanics models', which was published on 2014-09-17

CEN Workshop Agreement

The outcomes of SPOTS and ADVISE projects will be used as basis for the development of the CEN Workshop Agreement in line with the dissemination aims and transfer of technology of the VANESSA Project. In this sense, the CWA will be an instrument to inform a wider group of potentially interested parties about the results of the EU projects, in terms of validation and calibration methodologies, research on enhanced quality of optical strain measurement, quantification of uncertainties in both experimental and numerical analyses of engineering structural components, and augmentation of the engineering design process based on quality-quantified data.

Workshop's officers

Elected Chairperson
Prof. Eann Patterson
The University of Liverpool
School of Engineering

Elected Secretariat
Rolf Widmer
Head of Standards development
SNV, Swiss Association for Standardization

CEN-CENELEC Management Centre
Mr Alexandre Beltrão
Programme Manager
Multi-sector Products and Services