WS Fashion industry, textile, clothing and footwear (WS eBiz) 

Concluded in July 2013, CEN Workshop eBIZ aimed at boosting the use of eBusiness and improving the interoperability of B2B data exchange through the supply chain in the fashion industry, textile, clothing and footwear. The Workshop was proposed by Euratex, ENEA and partners of the eBIZ-TCF project.

CEN Workshop status

Project team
Between May 2012 and June 2013 a team of five experts selected in an open recruitment process worked towards achievement of eBIZ objectives.
The final meeting of the CEN Workshop took place on 26 June 2013 in Brussels marking the conclusion of the 18 months-long workshop coordinated by EURATEX, the European Textile and Clothing confederation. The workshop pooled toghether expertise of 73 members from 53 companies/organizations in 10 European Member States.

Published CWAs

A CEN Workshop Agreement 'Reference Architecture 2.0 for eBusiness harmonisation in Textile/Clothing and Footwear sectors' was endorsed by 56 companies and organizations from 14 European countries in the Final Plenary Meeting on the 26 June and is accessible free of charge:

Contact person

CEN-CENELEC Management Centre
Mrs Karolina Krzystek-De Ranter