CEN Workshop on Mechanical Test Data - MeTeDa 

The Workshop is a component of the I-NERI project on a digital infrastructure for advanced structural materials data (DIASM).
The Workshop is intended (1) to deliver data formats compliant with international standards for creep, creep crack growth, creep-fatigue, and creep-fatigue crack growth testing and (2) to provide the nuclear energy sector (and other industrial sectors that produce and/or rely on engineering materials data) an effective means for collecting, exchanging, and reporting test data. To this extent it will build on prior and ongoing Workshops that have delivered data formats for tensile test data, fatigue test data, and material pedigree data.


CEN Workshop Status

CEN/WS METEDA had its kick-off meeting on 2016-11-09 and the workshop is close to finalizing its work. The Workshop has produced a draft for public review. This draft is available for public commenting until 15 October 2018. Comments can be submitted directly to the Workshop secretary (maarten.peelen@nen.nl), using this commenting form.

The final meeting of the workshop is scheduled for the MS&T18 conference in Columbus, Ohio and will take place on 17 October 2018.

Project Plan
The approved Project Plan (pdf format) is available for download.

Join Us!
It is possible to join the CEN Workshop at any time during the development process, by sending the registration form (word format) to the Secretary of the Workshop whose contact details are mentioned in the Project Plan.

Contact persons

Workshop Secretary
Mr Maarten Peelen
Nederlands Normalisatie-instituut (NEN)

CEN-CENELEC Management Centre
Mr Constant Kohler