CEN Workshop 84 on a 'Self-Sovereign Identifier(s) for Personal Data Ownership and Usage Control' (CEN WS ISÆN) 

Measuring where and how individuals' data are used is of real concern for the digital market. A series of experts from different EU countries have carried out an analysis of technological and legal context in view of defining Self-Sovereign Identifier(s) that would serve as a measurement tool to empower individuals, help them take control of their data, and make their fundamental right to privacy more actionable.

The Workshop aims at proposing designing Self-Sovereign Identifier(s) to measure data and it could be used by policy makers, companies, and individuals.

The upcoming Self-Sovereign Identifier(s) will offer individuals, also known as end users, the possibility by hashing and data watermarking technologies to sign and mark their stream of data. Such Self-Sovereign Identifier(s) will be called the ISÆN: Individual perSonal data Auditable addrEss Number.

Individuals would generate and control their own ISÆN allowing them to retrieve information about the exact location and use of their data across the worldwide web.

The Self-Sovereign Identifier(s) will be described in two CWAs prepared in the frame of this Workshop. 

CEN Workshop status

Kick-off meeting
The Kick-off and 1st plenary meeting took place on 2016-06-27. Read more information about this meeting.
- Business plan (pdf format)

Published CWAs

Contact persons

Mr David Robert, Founder
Aeternam, FRANCE
Mr Clément Chevauché
CEN-CENELEC Management Centre