Mechanical and machines 

The CEN and CENELEC mechanical and machinery sector brings together about 50 technical bodies dealing with different types of machinery for use in agriculture, industrial manufacturing, mining, construction and by consumers (lifts, motor-operated electric tools...). The sector further includes 10 technical bodies dealing with laboratory, optical and precision equipment (excluding glasses), 3 technical bodies producing standards on welding and a further 13 that handle the standardization work on tanks and pressure equipment.

A considerable proportion of the documents produced in the sector are harmonized standards giving presumption of conformity with the EU Directives on machinery (2006/42/EC), lifts (2014/33/EU), pressure equipment (2014/68/EU), simple pressure vessels (2014/29/EU) and measuring instruments (2014/32/EU).

Many CEN and CENELEC standards for machinery, pressure equipment and measuring instruments are identical to international standards: this has a particular relevance, as the markets for these products tend to be wider than national or European markets. Therefore, the sector is a good example of CEN and CENELEC continuing effort in bringing together European requirements with an international approach.