Machinery for mining, quarrying, construction equipment 

This subsector comprises six CEN Technical bodies, the biggest of which is CEN/TC 151 'Construction equipment and building material machines – Safety', which carries out the standardization activities in the field of safety of machines and equipment used on construction sites, for winter service and highway maintenance, as well as for the production and processing of mineral building materials.

Many documents are developed in cooperation with the corresponding ISO Technical Committees.

Considerable proportion of the deliverables are harmonized standards that give presumption of conformity to the safety requirements of the Machinery Directive and mainly because of this status, they are widely used by the industry, market surveillance or conformity assessments bodies.

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Technical bodies and activities

CEN/TC 151 Construction equipment and building material machines - Safety
CEN/TC 190 Foundry technology
CEN/TC 196 Mining machinery and equipment - Safety
CEN/TC 202 Foundry machinery
CEN/TC 271 Surface treatment equipment - Safety
CEN/TC 334 Irrigation techniques

European legislation and mandates

European legislation and mandates:
EU directive:
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
M/396 (2006) Mandate addressed to CEN, CENELEC for Standardization in the field of machinery in support of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
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