Water and Waste management 

The safe and reliable supply of water and the protection of water resources are essential for human life and ecosystems. To fulfil this essential need a reliable and well-designed construction for drinking water and wastewater treatment infrastructure is needed. Insufficient infrastructure and poor water and wastewater management has a negative impact on people, economic activities and the environment. European standards provide a reliable support for the construction of these infrastructures and for testing the water quality.

Water supply and waste water engineering

CEN/TC 165 'Waste water engineering' develops functional standards, standards for performance and installation in the field of waste water engineering for systems and components and CEN/TC 164 'Water supply' drafts standards for the installation and performance requirements of systems, constructions of components used for the water supply from the production facility, including the treatment of the water, to the taps with the view of maintaining the quality of water as stated in Directive 80/778/EEC, relating to the quality of water intended for human consumption.

The standards developed by CEN/TC 308 'Characterization and management of sludge' are also covering methods for characterizing and classifying sludges and products from storm water handling, urban waste water collection systems, urban and similar industrial waste water treatment plants, as defined in EC Directive 91/271/EEC, and water supply treatment plants. Good practice documents for the production, utilization and disposal of sludges is also covered.

Waste characterization and management

CEN develops standards in the field waste management, including public cleaning, taking into particular account technical and logistical aspects. The standards cover also products and procedures, as well as safety requirements for: collection, transport, storage and transfer of solid and liquid waste.

The standardization of procedures to determine the characteristics of waste and waste behavior is done by CEN/TC 292 'Characterization of waste'.

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Sewage, refuse, cleaning and environmental services

CEN/SS S08 Air quality Active
CEN/SS S26 Environmental management Active
CEN/SS S27 Waste - Characterization, treatment and streams Active
CEN/TC 183 Waste management Active
CEN/TC 230 Water analysis Active
CEN/TC 264 Air quality Active
CEN/TC 292 Characterization of waste Active
CEN/TC 308 Characterization and management of sludge Active
CEN/TC 345 Characterization of soils Active
CEN/TC 444 Test methods for environmental characterization of solid matrices Active
CEN/WS 066 Clean harbours - Best practices Active
CLC/TC 111X Environment Active
CEN/TC 328 Standard measuring system for cleaning performance Dormant

Collected and purified water

CEN/TC 164 Water supply Active
CEN/WS 079 Sustainable Integrated Water Use & Treatment in Process Industries "SustainWATER" Active
CEN/WS 082 AquaVir Active

Water distribution and related services

CEN/TC 165 Waste water engineering Active

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