Steam, hot water and associated products 

CEN develops standards in the area of thermal solar systems (i.e. the conversion of solar energy into heat). Solar thermal energy has a broad range of applications and can play a key role in meeting the energy demand of buildings, as solar heating can be used for both hot water production and space heating, as well as cooling.

In this context, CEN/TC 312 ‘Thermal solar systems and components’ prepare European Standards to cover terminology, general requirement, characteristics, test methods, conformity evaluation and labelling of thermal solar systems and components.

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CEN/CLC/WS EINSTEIN Good Practice Thermal Energy Audits (GPTEA)
CEN/TC 107 Prefabricated district heating and district cooling pipe system
CEN/TC 312 Thermal solar systems and components
CEN/TC 451 Water wells and borehole heat exchangers

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