Emergency, security and related support equipment 

The market for security products designed for the protection of money and valuables remains uniformly spread throughout Europe and the use of these products relates to the wealth per capita and quantities of money requiring protection and in circulation. The reference technical committee for the development of standards related to the performance of products such as Safes and strong rooms, data cabinets, ATMsĀ  is maintained to the levels required to ensure secure storage of cash, valuable and data media is CEN/TC 263 'Secure storage of cash, valuables and data media'. Security of public places such as schools, healthcare facilities such as hospitals, tourism premises, restaurants, concert halls, museums, sports stadiums and public areas around transportation systems has been put on the standardization loop.

CEN/TC 325 'Crime prevention though building, facility and area design' standards provide guidance on security levels, building and area layout, application of construction elements, roads and pavements. The standards may be applied to new and significantly refurbished buildings, facilities and areas. The standards will not deal with building products and security systems components.

While societal security is a national competence of the EU Member states, the recent events such as terrorist attacks, natural disasters or terrorist attacks showed that the European society is inherently vulnerable to threat and the law enforcement capabilities related to preparedness or response have been heavily challenged.

CEN/TC 391 'Societal and citizen security' was established to define good practice and guidance documents on management of CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear substances) and explosives, disaster preparedness, emergency and crisis management and critical infrastructure protection and resilience. Such standards can help security end-users to develop and implement capabilities to create risk-informed priorities and to better protect citizens, assets and organizations.

Private security services represent an additional complementary partner in total security management. Private security organizations provide services to an increasing number of private and public customers ranging from public institutions to nuclear plants, airports, critical infrastructure facilities, inter-modal transport hubs, public transport stations. The European standards published by CEN/TC 439 'Private security services' set out benchmarks on the performance and professionalism of the security providers that are operating on the European market.

The services aspects such as planning and design, engineering, installation and handover, maintenance and repair of fire safety and/or security systems are covered by CEN-CENELEC/JTC 4 'Services for fire and security systems'. This committee's standards set out requirements for quality of services supplied by security companies and the competencies of their involved staff responsible for the planning and design, engineering, installation and handover, maintenance and repair of fire safety and security systems.

Security services

In April 2019, CEN kicked off two new workshop activities steaming from the H2020 research project DRIVER+ (Driving Innovation for Crisis Management for European Resilience).

  • CEN Workshop 'Trial Guidance Methodology' (TGM) aims to define a methodology that enables an objective assessment of one or more socio-technical solutions (hardware, software, training, procedure, a mix of those) within a realistic crisis management scenario.
  • CEN Workshop 'Requirements on information exchange across borders and organisations' will define requirements on the semantic and syntactical interoperability and disaster management.

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Technical bodies and activities

CEN/CLC/JTC 4 Services for fire safety and security systems
CEN/CLC/WS HECTOS CEN-CENELEC Workshop on Guidelines on evaluation systems and schemes for physical security products
CEN/CLC/WS ZONeSEC Interoperability of security systems for the surveillance of widezones
CEN/TC 263 Secure storage of cash, valuables and data media
CEN/TC 325 Crime prevention through building, facility and area design
CEN/TC 368 Product Identification
CEN/TC 388 Perimeter Protection
CEN/TC 391 Societal and Citizen Security
CEN/TC 419 Forensic Science Processes
CEN/TC 439 Private security services
CEN/WS 088 Functional Specification fora Resilience Information Portal
CEN/WS 091 City Resilience Development - Maturity Model
CEN/WS 092 City Resilience Development - Operational Guidance
CEN/WS D-Box Demining tool-box for humanitarian clearing of large scale areas from anti-personnel landmines and cluster munitions
CEN/WS TER-CDM Terminologies in Crisis and Disaster Management
CLC/BTTF 133-1 Sound systems for emergency purposes which are not part of fire detection and alarm systems
CLC/BTTF 157-1 Public address and general emergency alarm systems

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