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CEN/TC 352 'Nanotechnologies' develops projects in the field of nanotechnologies that includes either or both of the following:

  1. understanding and control of matter and processes at the nanoscale, typically, but not exclusively below 100 nanometres in one or more dimensions, where the onset of size dependent phenomena usually enables novel applications;
  2. utilizing the properties of nanoscale materials that differ from the properties of individual atoms, molecules or bulk matter, to create improved materials, devices and systems that exploit these new properties.

Specific tasks include developing standards for: classification, terminology and nomenclature; metrology and instrumentation, including specifications for reference materials; test methodologies; modelling and simulation; science-based health, safety and environmental practices; and nanotechnology products and processes. Standards in each of these areas could be specific to a product, process or industry.

CEN/TC 212 'Pyrotechnic articles' develops projects related to fireworks, theatrical pyrotechnic articles, pyrotechnic articles for vehicles and other pyrotechnic articles, particularly from the point of view of their safe use.

CEN/TC 321 'Explosives for civil use' develops projects concerning explosives substances and articles, including safety requirements, terminology, categorization and test methods. Pyrotechnic articles and ammunition are excluded and explosives intended for use by the armed forces or the police are also excluded.

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CEN/SS C10 Starch
CEN/SS C20 Explosives and firework
CEN/TC 139 Paints and varnishes
CEN/TC 193 Adhesives
CEN/TC 223 Soil improvers and growing media
CEN/TC 260 Fertilizers and liming materials
CEN/TC 276 Surface active agents
CEN/TC 298 Pigments and extenders
CEN/TC 317 Derivatives from coal pyrolysis
CEN/TC 321 Explosives for civil uses
CEN/TC 360 Coating systems for chemical apparatus and plants against corrosion
CEN/TC 363 Organic contaminants (tar) in biomass producer gases
CEN/TC 386 Photocatalysis
CEN/TC 421 Emission safety of combustible air fresheners

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