CEN-CENELEC Workshop on steps to measure and set targets for the levels of service to be provided by, and the resilience of, transport infrastructure 

The goal of this WS is to develop a CWA (CEN-CENELEC Workshop Agreement). This CWA will contain a methodology for infrastructure managers to properly measure the Level of Service (LoS) provided by, and the resilience of, their transport infrastructure to natural hazards. These steps will ensure that infrastructure managers can systematically identify appropriate resilience enhancing actions and ensure the effective allocation of limited resources.

This CEN-CENELEC Workshop was initiated through the FORESEE Project, short for “Future proofing strategies FOr RESilient transport networks against Extreme Events” which is an EU collaborative research project funded by Horizon 2020. The FORESEE project develops a toolkit to improve road and rail asset management schemes for authorities and infrastructure operators. The first draft of the CWA will be based on the reports produced by this project. For further details on FORESEE, please visit the website https://foreseeproject.eu/.

The kick-off meeting was held on January 14th 2021. The Workshop Secretary is Mr Aitor Aragon Basabe (aaragonb@une.org).

The final deliverable of this Workshop (CEN-CLC/CWA) is expected to be finalized in December 2021.

Download the documents: