CEN Workshop proposal on “Mitigation of Urban Heat Island effects with cool materials”' (Cool materials in built environment)  

The CEN Workshop will focus on boosting the appropriation by cities of cool materials to mitigate the Urban Heat Island effects. By facilitating the use of cool material, the local actors will be able to reach their objectives in term of carbon emission while ensuring the comfort of their users.

The CEN Workshop will also improve the cross-border cooperation in European Union (and beyond). For these purposes, this CEN Workshop on cool materials will:

  • develop a common terminology,
  • Encourage exchange of experience and know-how
  • Identify good practices and produce methods to implement cool materials on territories and mitigate the Urban Heat Island effects.

The workshop will propose a first European document on cool materials to inform the European Commission, local authorities and users about the cool materials and their uses to pave the way for future standardization of cool materials and their implementation

The proposer and secretariat holder of this workshop is the French national organization for standardization, AFNOR.

CEN Workshop status

The kick-off meeting of the CEN Workshop will be held on 12 May 2020 as webmeeting.

During the kick-off meeting the Project plan will be adopted, the Secretariat confirmed and the Chairman appointed. The deadline for comments is 4 May 2020. Please send your comments to the project secretariat, Ms Elsa LUCAS (elsa.lucas@afnor.org).

It is possible to join the CEN Workshop at any time during the development process, by sending the registration form to the Secretary of the Workshop, Ms Elsa LUCAS (elsa.lucas@afnor.org).

The proposed chairperson is Bernard GINDROZ, BMGI Consulting.

The draft project plan and the agenda of the kick-off meeting are available on the links below.

Contact persons

Workshop Secretary

Ms Andrea NAM
CEN-CENELEC Management Centre