CEN Workshop on the semantic and syntactical interoperability for crisis and disaster management 

Current and future challenges due to increasingly severe consequences of natural disasters and terrorist threats require the development and uptake of innovative solutions that are addressing the operational needs of practitioners dealing with Crisis Management. The European project DRIVER+ (Driving Innovation in Crisis Management for European Resilience) is a FP7 Crisis Management demonstration action aiming at improving the way capability development and innovation management are tackled.

This Workshop will develop a CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA), which defines requirements to achieve interoperability on syntactical and semantic level in border crossing crisis and disaster management.

To achieve this target, it is necessary to provide a conceptual frame and basic requirements for the development of software interfaces that allow different organisations, using different IT systems for the execution of their crisis and disaster management procedures, to connect to common platform in order to receive and send data while maintaining the same data formats on their systems. Such interfaces serve as two way converters between the data format of the platform and that of any participating organization. Apart from the concept of the platform and the adaptors a conceptual frame for security requirements of such a data exchange process needs to be set up encompassing authentication, grouping functionalities and encryption. Moreover, a conceptual frame for a distribution mechanism including service registration, communication, synchronization and message repository aspect will be provided. Other conceptual aspects to be covered are requirements for semantic services and finally management of registration procedures as well as participants registration data. 

The target groups of the Workshop are Civil protection authorities, Local Emergency Management Authorities (LEMA), Fire brigades, Police authorities, First responders (e.g. Red Cross, Knights of St. John), Cross-border operations, Military forces involved in crisis and disaster management, Critical infrastructure operating forces, Companies involved in disaster management and civil protection, and R&D community.

The proposer and secretariat holder of this workshop is DIN.

Download the workshop Project Plan document:

 For more information you can contact the Workshop Secretariat: Ms Esther Kähler and Ms Anja Seeliger.