CEN Workshop Crisis management – Building a Common Simulation Space 

DRIVER+ (Driving Innovation in Crisis Management for European Resilience) is a FP7 Crisis Management demonstration project aiming at improving the way capability development and innovation management. In order to enhance the current European cooperation framework within the Crisis Management domain, DRIVER+ has been carrying out a wide range of activities important will be to build and structure a dedicated Community of Practice in Crisis Management, thereby connecting and fostering the exchange on lessons learnt and best practices between Crisis Management practitioners as well as technological solution providers.

The consortium initiated a new standardization activity,  a CEN Workshop  Crisis management – Building a Common Simulation Space – to define a technical infrastructure framework for connecting simulators. The final deliverable ( CEN Workshop Agreement)  will consist of a definition of common simulation entities and message formats, and a toolset facilitating the common simulation space functionalities. For further info, feel free to consult the CEN Workshop document:

The secretariat of the workshop is held by DIN. For more information you can contact Esther Kahler (Esther.Kaehler@din.de) or Anja Seeliger (Anja.Seeliger@din.de).

This activity will be complementary to the CEN Workshop on the Semantic and Syntactical Interoperability for Crisis and Disaster Management and CEN Workshop Trial Guidance Methodology (TGM).