CWA "Guideline to design, implement and economically assess an innovative and adaptable envelope system in building refurbishment" 

This workshop is a result of the currently ongoing Horizon 2020 BRESAER project (Breakthrough solutions for adaptable envelopes for building refurbishment), whose general objective is to design, develop and demonstrate an innovative, cost-effective, adaptable and industrialized envelope system for buildings refurbishment including combined active and passive prefabricated solutions integrated in a structural mesh.

The workshop participants have now reached agreement on the draft text of the CWA (CEN Workshop Agreement), which is now available for public review and commenting until 28th April 2019. Comments can be directly submitted to the Workshop Secretary Mr. Javier LÓPEZ-QUILES PASTOR ( ) using the commenting form.

Comments received will be reviewed by the Workshop in May 2019. The consensus outcome will then be published as a CEN Workshop Agreement.

Contact persons:
Mr. Javier LÓPEZ-QUILES PASTOR Workshop Secretary
Dr. Padmaja KAMATH CEN-CENELEC Management Centre