Invitation to CEN/TC 351 Webinar on asbestos  


Part 1 - 3 May 2021, 13.30 – 16.30 hrs 
Part 2 - 14 June 2021 (PM)

Format: online workshop organized by NEN - the Dutch standardization insitute

What ?

CEN/TC 351 Construction products: assessment of release of dangerous substances is requested to develop a horizontal method on the identification and quantification of asbestos fibres in construction products. As for all methods drafted by CEN/TC 351, an inventory of available methods was made and a suitable testing protocol (ISO 22262-1) was identified. However, sampling (of the product), sample pre-treatment, interpretation of the test results and translation into information in the CE marking of construction products need to be developed. Therefore we are organizing two sessions to inform, but also to gather input. The first session is on 3 May and the second is on 14 June 2021.

For whom ?

The sessions are interesting for producers of construction products containing recycled materials, laboratories testing for the possible content of asbestos fibres, regulators on recycling and asbestos, and others. As the members of CEN/TC 351/WG 5 are not necessarily experts in asbestos, wider involvement is very welcome. The invitations to both parts of the workshop will be shared in CEN/TC 351, CEN/TC 351/WG 5, CEN/TC 444/WG 3, on and among the members of FIR (the International Recycling Federation). Members are encouraged to forward the invitation to possibly interested experts in their networks.

Registration and programme:

More information: please contact Annemieke VENEMANS, CEN/TC 351 secretary