10-10 webinar: CEN approach on addressing environmental issues in standardization 

When: Thursday 10 June, 10:00 - 10:30 CET

What: Most standards are likely to have a direct or indirect impact on the environment and this has to be taken into consideration during standards drafting. Businesses using standards that include environmental aspects not only meet legal requirements but can also reduce their costs by reducing their use of resources, produce less waste and improve resilience to climate impacts. In addition, by demonstrating their commitment to the environment, companies and organizations can be perceived in a more positive way by their current and potential customers, and therefore more easily access new business opportunities.

The key objective of the “CEN approach on addressing environmental issues in standardization” (CEN environmental approach) is to put in place a general framework to promote and ensure a better inclusion of environmental aspects in European Standards. It describes the procedures, tools, workflows, and general aspects etc. that are required to better address environmental issues in European standardization activities and identifies roles and responsibilities of the different parties involved in the process. By systematically addressing environmental issues in standardization, direct and indirect environmental impacts can be mitigated, limited or reduced. The CEN environmental approach had been revised by the CEN-CENELEC Strategic Advisory Body on Environment (SABE)  and recently approved by the CEN Technical Board.

This webinar will give an overview on the content of the CEN environmental approach and the new elements in the revised version. It will explain its relevance for the CEN technical bodies and reiterate the “mandatory elements” applicable since the adoption of the original CEN environmental approach (original title: “CEN approach on addressing environmental issues in Product and Services Standards”).

More information on the CEN BOSS: https://boss.cen.eu/reference%20material/Guidancedoc/Pages/environment.aspx


Andrea NAM - Project Manager 'Energy & Living' at CEN-CENELEC

Sebastian LENTZ - DIN Environmental Protection Helpdesk and SABE/ENIS secretary


Register: https://cencenelec.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_udlN4AmXT36-kMeklVDm2w

Contact: 10-10webinars@cencenelec.eu