Live webinar: ""Best practices of tackling plastics recycling in a Circular Economy by using European Standards" 

When: Tuesday 17 December 2019, 15:00 - 15:45 CET

  • Challenges linked to the plastics can be turned into an opportunity

Challenges linked to the production, consumption and end-of-life of plastics can be turned into an opportunity for the EU and the competitiveness of the European industry.

While legislation is an essential tool for ensuring a level playing field that sets criteria to be met by products, it does not stipulate the ‘how’ of plastics recycling in a circular economy. Tackling plastics recycling in a circular way can reaffirm European leadership in global solutions and help us make the transition towards a low-carbon and circular economy, while providing citizens with a cleaner, safer environment.

  • Looking for the best solutions for plastic recycling? Explore 'how' and 'which' European Standards can help you.

CEN and CENELEC are hosting a live webinar aimed at exploring how and which European standards could help in finding the best solutions for plastics recycling.

Hear from Werner Bosmans, European Commission policy officer, about the policy background, the European strategy for plastics in a circular economy and the expected new initiatives related to plastics recycling.

But how does plastics recycling work in a circular economy?  Dr Jens Giegerich, CEN-CENELEC/JTC Joint Technical Committee 10 'Material Efficiency Aspects for Ecodesign' and Rainer Mantel, CEN/TC 249 'Plastics' will explain how certain standards address plastics recyclability.

Target audience:

Plastic industry
Plastic recyclers
The  standardization community
Policy makers
Research institutes
Industry players
Other parties interested in the European policy background related to plastics recycling.