EC-CEN Public Workshop - Engine tests with new types of biofuels and development of biofuel standard 

When: The workshop will take place on 25 June 2019.

Where: DG RTD (Room CDMA SDR1&2, Rue du Champ de Mars 21, 1050 Brussels)

What: NEN and CEN invite you to an interactive workshop on future fuel and engine concepts. In relation to fuel specification standards development a three year's Horizon2020 project has been executed. The goal was to develop data that feed into new or revised standards. This was test and engine emission work related to mid-blend ethanol-petrol, paraffinic diesel and FAME. But also to execute engine test that lead to proof of certain concepts such as gasoline in diesel engines or E20 gasoline material compatibility and refinery production.
In this full day workshop we present you the results of our work. But moreover, the day is to have discussions with industry players, policy makers and standardization experts on policies that may lead to use of E10+ petrol fuel in the market, on what changes in the diesel specification can be allowed and how we may plan for the gasoline in diesel concept.

Registration: Registration to this workshop is free of charge but required.

Information: detailed information available on NEN website

Programme: download the detailed programme