Boosting innovation through standards - Your gateway to the market 

Save the date - Conference - Boosting Innovation through standards


This event is about bringing new products, systems and services to the market by:

  • speeding up the adoption of research and innovation outcomes
  • generating trust for innovative ideas
  • driving business scaling across markets

What is it?
CEN and CENELEC, the European standardization organizations, warmly welcome researchers, technologists and innovators to this dedicated one-day event to engage, share, learn, and build a long-lasting partnership, showcasing how standards support scaling of research and innovation in the markets.

Who is it for?
Whether you are familiar with standardization or you are new to the field, this event will show how we can support you. You are:

  • Researcher or manager of research programs seeking fast and clear ways of transferring your outcomes to the market
  • Developing new technologies needing widespread adoption including assuring interoperability
  • Start-up seeking fast growth in specific markets
  • Running an innovation hub enabling active knowledge transfer between researchers and business experts
  • Introducing innovation in industry processes and supply chains
  • Venture Capitalist/Investor wanting to know more about how standardization can increase the scale and success of start-up businesses
  • Policy makers seeking to create conditions for the seamless transfer of new knowledge to the market

Why attend?

  • Engage with standardization experts who understand your concerns and can guide you to find solutions for scaling your innovative ideas.
  • Learn to engage effectively with standardization and get to know tools that meet your needs.
  • Meet the network of European national standardization organizations who can help you navigate the world of standards.
  • Visit our exhibition that will present research projects at different stages of development in a variety of fields to showcase their activities and results.
  • Find out from those who have benefitted from using standards and hear their success stories and key learning points.
  • Understand the roles policy, standards and patents play in innovation and market scaling and when to engage with each.