New CEN Standard - EN 16991:2018 on Risk-based inspection framework 

CEN/TC 319 - Maintenance, developed and published in May 2018, a European Standard setting out the Risk-Based Inspection Framework (RBIF) and giving guidelines for Risk-Based Inspection and Maintenance (RBIM) in hydrocarbon and chemical process industries, power generation and other industries where RBI is applicable.

This European Standard EN 16991:2018 on Risk-based inspection framework provides effective guidance for the optimization of operations and maintenance as well as asset integrity management. It helps improve risk management and, thus, the safety of the plants and their operation, environment and business management.

The document is a useful tool for managers and engineers establishing the risk-based inspection and maintenance policies in the process, power, steel and other relevant industries.

The Technical Secretariat of CEN/TC 319 – Maintenance is held by UNI – Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione.

For more information contact: Alina IATAN