Call for participation: Open Source Solutions  

Open sourceOne of CEN and CENELEC's Digital Transformation projects, Project 4 ‘Open Source Solutions’, has been progressing with its work to provide Technical Committees (TCs) with a framework for incorporating software and other designs into standardization deliverables. It is now calling for pilot projects and members of the core project team for the next phase of the project.

Are you a Secretary or a Convenor of a CEN or CENELEC TC? Are you about to start working on a piece of software or another design that you would like to incorporate into a standardization deliverable? The flyer “Open Source Solutions: Call for Participation” can provide you with more information on the project and on how to register your interest.

Not sure what “open source” is? In our modern digital world, it is probably relevant for all TCs. For this reason, the “What is open source?” section in the flyer offers a clear overview of this technology and its benefits for standardization.

For more information, please contact Shannon KIERNAN.