CEN and CENELEC identify lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the CEN and CENELEC community took a series of decisive actions in order to contribute to addressing the health crisis. CEN and CENELEC are now happy to share some key take-aways from this experience in the newly released report “Lessons Learned During the COVID-19 Pandemic”.

The report presents a series of insights gathered by CEN and CENELEC Members during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. By sharing them, we aim to highlight the critical role the European standardization system played in tackling the early challenges of the pandemic, while also taking stock of valuable lessons learned throughout the crisis. These reflections and analyses will inform our future decision-making in order to further enhance our organisational resilience in the face of future challenges.

The report is based largely on the work done by the CEN and CENELEC COVID-19 Crisis Management Network (CMN), an ad hoc crisis-response network of national crisis coordinators, established in March 2020. Through the CMN, CEN and CENELEC Members not only managed to identify and address emerging issues of common concern: the network also provided a platform to exchange best practices swiftly and efficiently over different working areas affected by the crisis.

The report is structured around four critical lessons learned. Each present forward-looking, organisational considerations based on the impacts and best practices identified by our Members at both national and European level.

The full report can be read at this link.

For more information, please contact Brecht LEIN.