CEN and CENELEC’s Work Programme 2020 is now available 

The ‘CEN and CENELEC Work Programme 2020’ has been published and is now available.

In a world where change is constant, it is more and more relevant not only to manage the present, but more importantly, to imagine and define the future. This calls for standardization to be forward-looking and creative. In this context, the Work Programme 2020, one of CEN and CENELEC’s flagship gives an overview of the main standardization developments and strategic priority areas CEN and CENELEC are ready to implement in 2020 across 14 business sectors. Per sector, the reader will find a list of the technical bodies involved in carrying out the work, the number of standards published by CEN and CENELEC in that sector, a detailed overview of the topics where standardization work is expected and the standardization requests received from the European Commission and EFTA.

The Work Programme also presents a focus on three horizontal business topics, which have been selected based on their relevance to meet today’s challenges: Accessibility, Environment and Smart Society. Finally, the last part of the publication gives an overview on the most important strategic highlights that will characterise CEN and CENELEC’s development over the course of 2020 and beyond. 

2020 will be a strategic year in the evolution of the European Standardization System: we thank our stakeholders in Europe and worldwide for their vision, dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to making European Standards a reality.

Good reading!

The full accessible PDF of the Work Programme can be found online on CEN and CENELEC’s website.

For more information, please contact Giovanni COLLOT