How to progress climate adaptation thanks to standards: CEN and ISO co-organise an event at COP25 

In the current reality of climate change, climate adaptation is fundamental. But in order to meet such a complex challenge, it is necessary to identify efficient and measurable solutions that can support climate adaptation decisions.

To discuss these solutions, CEN, together with ISO, is proud to contribute to the organisation of the event “Progressing climate adaptation: Standards, Metrics, Footprinting and Mainstreaming”, that is taking place today 4th December in Madrid, in the framework of COP25.

The event is a common session with a series of organizations active on climate change adaptation: CEN and ISO are sharing the floor with Group on Earth Observation, Perspectives on Climate Group, Equilibria and Efca, to present ways to measure adaptation. Over the course of two panels, speakers from different backgrounds will provide an overview of how European and international challenges of adapting to climate change could be tackled by the use of standards, metrics, and Earth Observation, giving practical examples.

In particular, CEN and ISO are involved in the first panel, dedicated to the role of standards in supporting climate adaptation. Doogie Black (BSI-CEN) will present on how to have an overview of climate change adaptation using European and International Standards, while John Dora (ISO) will focus on the principles for a great adaptation plan and practical examples of planning by using EN ISO 14090 ‘Adaptation to climate change - Principles, requirements and guidelines’.

The full agenda of the event is available below.


For more information, please contact Andrea Nam