New CEN standard - EN 16860:2019 makes rail freight transport safer 

Rail offers many advantages for the transportation of goods, such as reliability, speed and cost-effectiveness. It also contributes to reducing pollution and congestion, contributing to making our society cleaner and our economy more environmentally sustainable. For example, according to research, each freight train removes up to 76 trucks from the roads, resulting in 1.6 billion fewer HGV kilometres every year. Furthermore, one ton of cargo transported by train freight is estimated to pollute the environment on average 80% less than if it were transported by road.

The positive impact of rail freight has pushed the European Commission, in the last years, to promote the shift of freight traffic from road to rail.
In order to maximise the benefits of rail, CEN has worked, through its TC 256 - Railway applications – whose Secretariat is held by DIN, Germany’s National Standardization Body – to develop a series of standards focussed on improving the functioning and effectiveness of railways. Among them, one of the most recent ones is ‘EN 16860:2019 Railway applications — Requirements and general principles for securing payload in rail freight transport’, which is dedicated to ensuring the safest conditions for the transportation of goods.

In particular, EN 16860 specifies the minimum requirements for securing payload to ensure safe operation of freight wagons, in trains going at a speed of up to 120 km/h. The requirements set by the standard serve as a basis for the design and implementation of payload securing methods.

The objective of the standard is to ensure safety in the transport of goods by rail, based on the fact that an insufficient lashing of the goods in a wagon may lead to cargo shift and destabilisation of the wagon, which in turn might even cause derailment.

European standards are engaged in making Europe more connected, making sure that goods are transported as safely, quickly and sustainably as possible.

To know more about the activities undertaken by CEN in the field of rail transportation, you can read the dedicated page on our website.

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