‘Trusted smart products’: CEN, CENELEC and ANEC Celebrate World Consumer Rights Day  

On World Consumer Rights Day, CEN and CENELEC, together with ANEC, are joining the global movement to raise awareness on the digital issue of Smart Products, their potential benefits and challenges to consumers.

The rapid pace of change brought by a new generation of smart technologies will certainly need standards to help ensure consumers’ trust in connected products. CEN and CENELEC, with the support and expertise of ANEC, the European consumer voice in standardization, are strongly committed to placing consumers’ interest at the heart of the development of standards for digital products and services.

CEN, CENELEC and ANEC are working together in the new CEN/CLC/JTC 13 ‘Cybersecurity and data protection’, on the development of standards for the security and privacy of consumer connected products.

Watch our video for World Consumer Rights here.

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