New CEN Technical Specification: CEN/TS 17217:2018 on the ‘Design and Printing requirements for Reverse Envelopes’ 

Reverse envelopes are currently processed by many different designated operators in Europe, but their characteristics have not yet been standardized.

CEN/TC 331 'Postal services' released the technical specification CEN/TS 17217:2018, which defines a set of physical properties and manufacturing requirements for reverse envelopes. This took place in order to guarantee the proper insertion of mail, the printing of addresses and postage marks on the flap side, and the sorting of letters in existing equipment.

This specification covers not only physical properties but also manufacturing requirements for envelopes having an address window on the flap side. It covers the main design features of the reverse envelope and the materials used for the manufacturing of it.

Large and small mailers who want to benefit from the enhanced marketing capabilities offered by the reverse envelope, without compromising the reliability and cost of the mail preparation, and the envelope manufacturers willing to supply them can now make use of this document.

CEN/TS 17217:2018 was prepared by CEN/TC 331 ‘Postal services’, the secretariat of which is held by NEN – the national standardization body for the Netherlands.

For more information, please contact Alina Iatan.